Explore & Escape the Forest

Alone in the woods, Lumi is surrounded by sinister shadow monsters and a mysterious creature locked in a cage. Lumi’s only hope to escape the woods of Hallowtide lies in the delicate friend-yet-foe relationship of the creature in the cage. Harness Lumi’s ability to gather and craft resources while keeping the lantern lit to ward off the swarming shadow monsters.

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Look Out for Monsters...

Inspired by Survival Horror games like Don’t Starve and the timeless autumnal aesthetic of Over the Garden Wall, Hallowtide embodies the familiar mechanics of the Survival Horror Genre while also offering a unique experience to spooky game lovers everywhere.

Special Thanks to our
Project Partners and Sponsors

Hallowtide was made in collaboration with the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver. The development team is incredibly grateful for the support and resources the CMDC program provides that allows our team to continue working remotely. We also wish to extend thanks to the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) for including our game in their 2021 Halloween Horror Game Marathon.   


Concept Art


CMDC Studios is a team of multi-talented game developers who are passionate about creating narrative-rich games through immersive gameplay and thoughtful design. With an ever-growing game library of heartfelt, adventurous, and sometimes mysterious titles, CMDC Studios invites players to explore a wide range of digital experiences.

Development Team

Game Director
& Producer

Katya Farinsky

Engine Team

Dylan Steen – Lead
Brandon Hedden
Dave Sabrowski
Ransom Reed

Level Design

Jazz Jackson
Arlo Ptolemy

User Experience

Katya Farinsky
Dylan Steen

Concept Art
& Character

Dillon Gohl
Jei Shi

Audio Design

Ransom Reed

3D Modeling

Dillon Gohl
Tanner Gohl
Keegan Walden

3D Animation
& Texturing

Dillon Gohl

2D Graphics

Dillon Gohl
Jei Shi

Logo Design

Dave Sabrowski

Game Trailer

Joel Clapp

Promo Site

Andrew Thompson

The Hallowtide development team wishes to extend special thanks to Dr. Dene Grigar for her unwavering support of this project and the developers who created it, to Greg Philbrook for providing advanced technical support, and to the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver for providing the resources that allowed us to complete this project remotely.

Additional thanks to Ahria Nicholas, Andrew Thompson, Kathleen Zoller, and Elyse Mollahan for acting as creative consultants to the Engine Team and Creative Team during the early stages of development.