A 2d Puzzle-Platformer Adventure

Explore Their Enchanted World

When a mysterious force threatens the harmony of their world, Huli and Maomi race to drive the darkness away. Inspired by the charm of indie games and the engaging structure of puzzle platformers, Huli follows the aftermath of Huli and Maomi’s momentous sacrifice to preserve the sanctity of their world. Using the last of Maomi’s power, Huli enters a series of forgotten places to recover the scattered fragments of their fallen companion and restore balance to the spirit world.

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Discover Forgotten Places

In a long-forgotten place, two ethereal entities named Huli and Maomi maintain the celestial balance of the spirit world. When a mysterious dark force threatens that balance, they spring into action and defeat the darkness at great personal cost. Join Huli and Maomi as they traverse eight lush, hand-drawn landscapes and try to reunite with each other after being tragically separated.

Special Thanks to our
Project Partners and Sponsors

Huli was made in collaboration with the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) and the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver during the PIGSquad’s June Summer Slow Jam. The project’s pre-production workshop was funded by the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver (ASWSUV) and hosted by the Digital Design Club.


Concept Art


CMDC Studios is a team of multi-talented game developers who are passionate about creating narrative-rich games through immersive gameplay and thoughtful design. With an ever-growing game library of heartfelt, adventurous, and sometimes mysterious titles, CMDC Studios invites players to explore a wide range of digital experiences.

Development Team

Game Director
& Producer

Katya Farinsky

Executive Team

Katya Farinsky – Director
Andrew Thompson
Dave Sabrowski
Kathleen Zoller
Joel Clapp
Barysh Agaliyev
Sarah West

Engine Team

Ahria Nicholas – Lead
Andrew Thompson – Lead
Dave Sabrowski
Cameron Dan
Jazz Jackson – Level Design

Design Team

Drew Swanson – Team Lead
Yimin Que
Jei Shi
Kathy Klaus
Seyyar Tedorov
Elyse Mollahan- Animation Liason

Animation Team

Kathleen Zoller – Lead
Joel Clapp
Elyse Mollahan
Evan Astrue
Arlo Ptolemy
Brandan Touhey
Keegan Walden
Anthony Greenwood
Jei Shi – Design Liason

Audio Team

Ransom Reed – Lead
Barysh Agaliyev
Jaden Torson
Eric Gerdlund

UX - UI Team

Sarah West – Web Lead
Preston Reed – Interface Lead
Grace Rouleau
Charlie Klever
Kylie Sickles
Anabelle Castro
Dave Sabrowski – Engine Liason
Andrew Thompson – Promo Site

Digital Promotions

Barysh Agaliyev