Escape the Neon City

In a murky, urban, environment, a lone android encounters a glowing piece of technology discarded by the elite inhabitants of the upper city. However, discovering this invaluable item comes with a cost. Residents of the lower levels know anyone who acquires “upper-tech” immediately becomes hunted by Under City Enforcement Units and are never seen again.

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Ascend Through the Cloud Cover

ParaSoul challenges players to move proficiently through each section of its futuristic, cyberpunk inspired skyscape as they explore each section of the city. Only by obtaining pieces of forgotten cybernetic enhancements can players hope to defeat the oppressive forces mounting against them.

Special Thanks to our
Project Partners and Sponsors

ParaSoul was made in collaboration with the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver. The development team is incredibly grateful for the support and resources the CMDC program provides that allows our team to continue working remotely.


Concept Art


CMDC Studios is a team of multi-talented game developers who are passionate about creating narrative-rich games through immersive gameplay and thoughtful design. With an ever-growing game library of heartfelt, adventurous, and sometimes mysterious titles, CMDC Studios invites players to explore a wide range of digital experiences.

Development Team

Game Director
& Producer

Katya Farinsky

Executive Team

Katya Farinsky
Andrew Thompson
Ahria Nicholas
Barysh Agaliyev
Natalie Lusk
Joel Clapp
Elyse Mollahan
Ransom Reed

Engine Team

Andrew Thompson – Lead Developer, Enemies/Finale
Ahria Nicholas – Lead Developer, Level Programmer

Dylan Steen – Level Designer, User Interface, Programmer
Hogan Coverdale – Character Movement Programmer
Arlo Ptolemy – Level Designer
Richard Mora – Entry Programmer

Narrative Team

Barysh Agaliyev – Lead Narrative Designer, Writer
Natalie Lusk – Lead Narrative Designer, World Building

Charlie Klever – Narrative Development, Logo Design
Cassandra Dillhoff – Narrative Development, Storyboards
Austin Gohl – Narrative Development

Design Team

Joel Clapp – 3D Production Lead, 3D Generalist
Elyse Mollahan – 2D Production Lead, Character Designer

- 3D Modeling -

Tanner Gohl
Dillon Gohl
Evan Astrue
Keegan Walden
Kathleen Zoller

- 3D Texturing -

Tanner Gohl
Dillon Gohl

- Concept Art -

Kathy Klaus
Seth Jordan
Elsa Temme

- Enemy Design -

Dillon Gohl
Andrew Thompson

- Storyboarding -

Dat Nguyen

- Promo Site -

Andrew Thompson

Audio Team

Ransom Reed – Lead Audio Designer, Mastering

- SFX -

Cassandra Dillhoff
Dat Nguyen

- Soundtrack -

Ransom Reed
Dave Sabrowski

The ParaSoul development team wishes to extend special thanks to Dr. Dene Grigar for her unwavering support of this project and the developers who created it, to Greg Philbrook for providing advanced technical support, and to the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program (CMDC Program) at Washington State University Vancouver for providing the resources that allowed us to complete this project remotely.

Additionally, the team wishes to thank Craig Vesterby for his contributions and support during the early stages of development.