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Twine in Two Hours

Twine in Two Hours

DTC 338: Hypertext Systems & Narratives

March 7th, 2023

Produced by students at Washington State University Vancouver, “Twine in Two Hours” showcases the results of a mini game jam focused on creating hypertext in just under two hours. Using Twine as a storytelling platform, and a theme revealed minutes before the jam began, students used their knowledge of hypertext gained throughout the semester, and their own personal creativity, to race the clock and write brilliant webs of narrative.

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Jam Theme

Beneath The Surface


A Fungal Travel

Jaret Benson


Mailei Brodniak

Updated post-jam. Click here to view the jam version.

Lambent Heart

Logan Reed


Simone Huynh

Updated post-jam. Click here to view the jam version.


Isatou Dumbuya


Cameron Dan

Ander Fomeri

Jade Goggin


James Lesperance

Holy Grail

Seth Jordan


Weston Gullberg

Updated post-jam. Click here to view the jam version.

Hiding Out

Richard Mora

Into the Woods

Andrew Hansen

Village Settlement

Joeseph Hall


Bree Schutte

Into The Cave

Colin Standish

Leaving Wells

Austin Fierst

Leadership Team

Katya Farinsky – Production Lead

Andrew Thompson – Technical Lead

Barysh Agaliyev – Narrative Lead

Ahria Nicholas – Planning Support

Joel Clapp – Planning Support

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