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CMDC Studios is a team of multi-talented game developers who are passionate about creating narrative-rich games through immersive gameplay and thoughtful design. Our team is proud to support developers that are interested in entering the games industry through structured opportunities to make games, polish their skills, and work in teams of all sizes. With an ever-growing game library of heartfelt, adventurous, and sometimes mysterious titles, CMDC Studios invites players to explore a wide range of digital experiences.

Creating games never happens in a vacuum. We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from our partners that allows our team to continue working remotely across the Pacific Northwest and locally in Vancouver, Washington.

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Projects completed during the CMDC Program’s Senior Seminar

The official restoration of Thomas M. Disch’s original text adventure game Amnesia, published by EA in 1986. With full permission granted by the Thomas M. Disch Estate, AMNESIA: RESTORED was developed by the Class of December 2021 graduating Digital Technology and Culture seniors at WSUV with support from the Electronic Literature Lab. It represents Thomas Disch’s original vision of the game, now free from the technological constraints of the time.

A dark science-fictional ritual of fertility and regeneration, King of Space takes place in an abandoned starship, circling the edges of a plague-ridden and collapsing solar system, where an escaped terrorist meets the last star-captain and his ship’s Priestess. Old man and young, young woman and ageless starship meet and meet again as enemies, allies, and lovers.


External Projects Created by CMDC Studios Members


CMDC Studios publishes multiple games throughout the year in June, July, October, and January. Our team actively recruits for each project we undertake, but priority is given to students and alumni from the CMDC Program at Washington State University Vancouver and DTC programs across the WSU system.

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